Jameela Jamil Reveals Her Top Picks for a Celebrity Book Club (Will Smith Included)

jameela jamil celeb book club

Jameela Jamil has for a long time hinted at her plans to write a book. (Consider this our personal plea: Please, please publish one soon. We want to read it!)

That’s why we couldn’t resist asking her about who she’d invite to join a celebrity book club—should she ever decide to host one—during an exclusive chat with The Good Place star as part of her partnership with Credit Karma and their Credit Karma Savings program.

Without further ado—and in random order—Jamil’s selects: “If I were to start a celebrity book club, it would be full of comedians for sure,” she laughs. “Those are the people I would most want in the group. For example, Neal Brennan. I would also want Lizzo in my book club because I love her take on absolutely everything. I’d also ask Roxane Gay.”

Anyone else? “I’d definitely ask Will Smith because I just want to be near Will Smith at all times because I love him and think he’s really smart and really funny. Imagine having Will Smith in your book club?”

Her final pick: Kristen Wiig. “Again, I just want to be near her. Basically my book club is a personal fan club that I’m disguising as a book club. But it would be so much fun.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

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