The Biggest Trend to Come Out of Paris Fashion Week Is the Tiniest Handbag Ever

jacquemus mini le chiquito bag 728

The mini handbag trend lives on and, incredibly enough, as it’s gotten bigger…it’s also gotten smaller. Remember last year’s “it” accessory, the Le Chiquito mini bag from French fashion label Jacquemus? Not only is it still sold out, but it now has a sister handbag: the Mini Le Chiquito.

“Handbag” is a loose term here, as the Mini Le Chiquito realistically only holds a single mint or maybe a stick of gum if you fold it in half. We own earrings bigger than this bag, friends.

The doll-size accessory made its grand debut at Paris Fashion Week as part of 29-year-old Simon Porte’s autumn/winter collection, and it’s already on its way to being a sartorial sensation, setting Twitter ablaze (of course). Social media users are both waiting with bated breath for its official release and mocking its diminutive size.

This is what we would put in ours, if given the opportunity: a single ibuprofen, two Cheez-Its, our dignity, a piece of lint. (Not all at once, of course.)

We don’t know how much it will cost, but for reference, the regular-size mini retails for about $522. The mini mini won’t be available to purchase until next season, which gives you just enough time to think of 500 other, larger things that you could buy.

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