Ina Garten Keeps Her Fresh Flowers in a Pitcher (and We're Totally Stealing This Idea)

We don't know about y'all, but we wouldn't mind being quarantined with Ina Garten right now. Between her creamy overnight mac and cheeses, picture perfect chocolate cakes, impossibly fluffy-looking Challah breads and fresh supply of flowers, we'd imagine Chateau de Barefoot Contessa wouldn't be a bad place to stay.

Over the weekend, Ina posted another bouquet of flowers (pink sweet peas, in case you were wondering) and we couldn't help but notice that instead of a vase, she placed them in a water pitcher. Another fan took note, too, adding that the pitcher "complements the flowers beautifully," to which Ina replied, "Thank you! xxx" (and we're kicking ourselves for not commenting first). 

Anyway, while we're not sitting in an East Hampton estate, we do have plenty of empty pitchers kicking around the kitchen cabinets so you better believe we're plopping our next Trader Joe's bouquet in them. How easy is that? 

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