Ina Garten Revealed Her Decadent Father’s Day Menu—and It's a Doozy

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Leave it to Ina G. to come up with an effortless menu for every single occasion. Case in point: She just bestowed upon us all her Father’s Day lineup, and it’s a doozy.

The contessa took to her blog to share a few easy recipes for Sunday, asking, “What’s more perfect for Father’s Day than a fabulous steak dinner??” Only a steak dinner prepared by you, Ina…featuring three types of alcohol, two cheesy sides and a chocolate dessert.

On the menu: a Limoncello Vodka Collins to whet your appetite (do not forget the good vodka), followed by her filet mignon with mustard and mushrooms. With sherry, heavy cream and cognac, it’s sure to please the biggest of appetites. And if that’s not enough, she suggests serving it with garlic mashed potatoes or Parmesan roasted asparagus. Of course, Ina has dessert covered with an equally decadent frozen hot chocolate (featuring coffee liqueur, naturally).

Excuse us as we wipe the drool from our chin. Dad’s gonna love this.


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