Ina Garten Hosted a Bridge Game and Served This ’90s Throwback Cocktail

When you think Ina Garten, you probably don’t think, well…football. (Ina is definitely not a Patriots fan.) More like, chambray, Hamptons dinner parties and chic, effortless cocktails. That’s all good and fine, but it turns out Ina actually has her own “big game”—bridge.

She revealed her affinity for the classic card game in an Instagram post, saying, “Bridge anyone? When they say ‘The Big Game’ this is what they mean, right??! #cosmosandcards (with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus from Make It Ahead!)”

OF COURSE Ina likes bridge. We know little to nothing about the game, but when we Googled it, we found this: “Bridge is probably the hardest of the common games to learn to play at all.” Cool, cool.

Let’s say, hypothetically, we were playing cards with Ina. We’d be losing…but we wouldn’t mind after one of those cosmos. Who knew she had a thing for the totally ’90s cocktail? How very Sex and the City of you, Ina. (And the hummus doesn’t look bad either.)


Senior Food Editor

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