This Pizza-Shaped Heating and Cooling Pad Will Make Your Next Period a Little Less Awful

We're going to be straight with you: Having your period sucks. It's painful and uncomfortable and all-around unenjoyable. So any time we stumble upon something that makes it a little more tolerable, we jump for joy (or, more realistically, half-smile through cramps). Enter Urban Outfitters's Huggable Pizza Heating and Cooling Pad. Behold: 

pizza heating pad
urban outfitters

Available in certain UO stores or for preorder online (they'll start shipping on March 14), the pizza-shaped savior costs $29. A small price to pay, if you ask us, for a little sweet sweet relief. 

The plush slice can be microwaved for warm use or frozen for cold. It's filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender seeds to help soothe soreness.

If you can't wait until March 14, the retailer has a couple other adorable options for heating and cooling, from a little avocado to a llama so cute you'll almost forget that it feels like your insides are being kneaded like bread by a person wearing brass knuckles. 

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