Aspiring Influencers: This App Can Make It So Much Easier to Create How-To Videos

Go you: You went from ten to 10,000 Instagram followers overnight. (OK, so it took two years, but still!) Now, the tricky part: How the heck are you supposed to maintain your budding influencer status if editing video content, specifically how-tos, takes so. much. time.

Enter Jumprope, an app that will help you create simple, yet polished, how-to videos at lightning speed.

Here’s how it works: First, you have to download the free app. From there, you can access a step-by-step template to quickly create and personalize your how-to. For example, say you're demonstrating a baller cookie piping technique. Within the app, you can shoot professional-looking content and use the built-in editing tools like time-lapse, filters and voiceover to make it feel uniform, but unique. (How cool would a time lapse be for showing your icing prowess—and progress?) Next, add in text, animation, colors, patterns and background music. There’s even a shoppable option so you can link your followers to the exact tools they need to buy.

When you’re all done, export your video to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest (and it'll automatically be correctly sized). You don’t have to open a single editing program—just the Jumprope app—and your how-to is one and done.

Now, back to all that content curation. After all, you’ve got a following to grow.

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