This Is the Easiest (and Cheapest) Way to See If a Fashion Trend Works for You

woman wearing fringe skirt and floral boots

First you saw it on the Paris runways. Then you saw it on Celine Dion in Paris. Then you saw it on the most fashionable showgoers at NYFW. Bright yellow is majorly trendy right now. But despite how much you love the way it looks on other people and how much you're interested in trying it, you're still not sure it will work on you. 

Here's a tip we picked up from one of our most stylish friends: Test trends out with accessories first.  

Instead of going all in and splurging on a canary-yellow jumpsuit, dip your toe into the trend (sometimes literally) by opting for a smaller piece—like a handbag or pair of boots. 

Accessories are a low-commitment way to see if you like a trend before embracing it fully. If you love the way that bag or those shoes look, go ahead and pick up a yellow coat. If you don't, no worries. At least you tried—and didn't spend a ton of money on a jumpsuit that might've made you look like Big Bird. 

So go forth and experiment with fashion—it's really not that serious (or costly). 

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