Will Kate Hudson Star in the ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' TV Show? Here Are All the Details We Have So Far...

Grab your love ferns, ladies and gents: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is getting a small-screen makeover.

According to E! News, mobile streaming platform Quibi will launch a series-version of the beloved 2003 comedy set in NYC that sees a young magazine writer Andie (Hudson) on a mission to make a smooth-talking ad exec Ben (McConaughey) fall into and then out of love with her for a story. Except, nothing's fair in love and...story subjects, because Andie's plan backfires.

The TV show version will be written by Guy Branum, author of the memoir My Life as a Goddess, who already has some impressive writing credits in his resume, including The Mindy ProjectAwkward and Chelsea Lately

Branum tweeted about the news on Thursday, writing, "We were all certain you could not make a good romantic comedy anymore because print media is dead and RomCom ladies have to work at magazines, but against the tides of history, Quibi & Paramount have agreed to let me re-write How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days."

And it sounds like the TV show will actually stay pretty true to the original. A quick plot synopsis per E! News says the series will "follow a glib young online writer and an oversexed advertising executive, both looking to prove they're capable of being in a monogamous relationship." Besides the online/print magazine difference, the rest is copy/paste of the movie characters. Fingers crossed for some hilarious Princess Sophia references.

Although we don’t know if Hudson and McConaughey will appear in the new series, chances are they won’t play the main characters. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t return as a parent, boss or—dare we say—love interest.

In addition to Hudson (Andie) and McConaughey (Ben), the film also starred Kathryn Hahn (Michelle), Annie Parisse (Jeannie), Adam Goldberg (Tony) and Thomas Lennon (Thayer).

So, a Kate Hudson cameo, pretty please? Hey, a girl can matching Burberry clothing, obvi. 


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