This Is the Only Way to Visit ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ At Disneyland During the Month of June

how to make reservations for star wars galaxy s edge at disneyland

The long-awaited Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland in California is opening very soon (May 31, to be exact). And while we're itching to gain access to the Batuu-inspired theme park, we might have to wait until after June 24. That is...unless you make a reservation to stay at a Disneyland Resort hotel.

The first-come-first-serve reservation booking system that opened online on May 2 sold out in lightspeed, meaning the only way for you and your Jedi-obsessed crew to actually visit the park is through one of Disneyland's hotels. Although the Galaxy's Edge reservation itself is free (with park admission, that is), booking a room at any one of Disney's resorts isn't exactly cheap. But if you've got your heart set on being one of the very first people to ride the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, it might be just be worth spending the extra dough.

Luckily, visitors will only need reservations through June 24, 2019. After that, the park will be open to any young (or old) Lukes and Leias looking to explore a galaxy far, far away. And although the Star Wars park at Disney World in Florida isn't opening until August 29, 2019, visitors won't need to book reservations at all to visit that location. (Plus, it's only in Florida where you can rent a Star Wars-theme stroller for your kiddos.)



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