If Cookie Dough Ice Cream and Mochi Had a Delicious Baby, This Would Be It

We love ice cream. And we love cookie dough. Obviously, cookie dough ice cream is a natural pairing. But what if you turned it inside out?

Ice cream cookie dough officially exists, and it's exactly the dessert we've been fantasizing about. Imagine if you combined mochi ice cream, cookie dough and a Klondike bar into one tiny package.

Made by ice cream brand High Road, the desserts are called Wallops, and they're actually a simple concept. A small scoop of ice cream is wrapped in a blanket of cookie dough, then dipped in a thin, protective chocolate shell. They come in four flavors: mint ice cream with chocolate cookie dough; coconut ice cream with almond cookie dough; strawberry ice cream with peanut butter cookie dough; and sweet cream ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough.

According to the snack Instagram account @snackbetch (lolz), Wallops have been spotted on shelves at Albertsons, Wegmans, Safeway and the Fresh Market, but if you're absolutely dying to get your hands on some immediately, you can also order a pack of 16—for $80—on the High Road website.

Worth it? Um, definitely.


Senior Food Editor

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