Herbal Essences Is Now the First Mass Hair-care Brand to Meet the Highest Clean Beauty Standards

When you think about Herbal Essences, two things likely come to mind: their amazing scents and—if you're of a certain age—those memorable commercials featuring a rather ecstatic woman working herself into an (ahem) lather while shampooing. And as of this year, they're the first mass haircare brand to become EWG Verified for their new sulfate-free botanical shampoos: Birch Bark Extract and Honey & Vitamin B.

To get this stamp of approval, the brand had to meet the EWG's strict criteria (meaning each ingredient was vetted by a team of scientists, toxicologists, chemists and epidemiologists for safety) and disclose all information pertaining to the formulation of the product.

How do you choose between the two shampoos? Both formulas are gentle enough to use on sensitive scalps and won't fade color-treated hair, so it really comes down to matter of preference. The Birch Bark Extract smells fresh with hints of floral and warm amber, while the Honey & Vitamin B is slightly sweeter with notes of jasmine and vanilla.

Sounds pretty orgasmic to us. (Had to.)

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