Counting Down the Days ’Til ‘The Crown’ Returns? Watch HBO’s New ‘Catherine the Great’ Trailer with Dame Helen Mirren

We know it can feel like forever 'til season three of The Crown returns to Netflix (especially since the streaming service hasn't even announced a date yet), but thankfully, it looks like HBO has us covered.

The next great period drama to grace our screens stars Oscar winner Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great as the titular character. The very first trailer for the four-part mini series debuted on July 21, and we're already counting down the days 'til its debut this fall because it looks incredible. The costumes! The sets! The dame in a powdered wig!

Mirren stars as Catherine the Great, the "tumultuous monarch and politician" who ruled the Russian empire from 1762 to 1796 (the country's longest-ruling female leader) during Russia's Golden Age and its rapid rise to a world power.

"When I was young I dreamed of freedom. I dreamed of breaking chains," Mirren's voiceover says during the preview. Yes, ladies and gents. Sounds like we found our next Khaleesi.

Jason Clarke of Pet Sematary stars opposite Mirren as the monarch's love interest and military commander, Grigory Potemkin. Potemkin's 1762 coup removed her husband, Emperor Peter III, from the throne, leading to Catherine the Great's ascension to the throne.

"Do you know what I hold in my hand?" Mirren says in another scene. "Absolute. Power."

Mic Scepter drop.


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