The Hallmark Channel Is Now Selling a Monopoly Game, Just in Case Game Nights Weren’t Cheesy Enough

hallmark monopoly game

There's already a Friends-themed and a Game of Thrones-themed Monopoly game, so it's only fair that rom-com fans get their very own board game too, no?

The Hallmark Channel is now selling their own version of Monopoly and it's paying homage to all your favorite cheesy movies. Players can create their own romantic story with a board and tokens dedicated to the beloved network. 

Forget about the thimble—fans can be ice skates, a Christmas tree or even an engagement ring. Houses and hotels are replaced by cottages and inns, setting the mood for your very own Hallmark fantasy. While the regular Monopoly walks you through famous streets, now players can make their way through notable places where characters tend to fall in love (or dive into family drama, confront jealous villains or hug adorable dogs). From the bakery to the bed & breakfast, the board highlights all the romantic hotspots, so you can be just like Lacey Chabert or Danica McKellar. 

You can choose from two decks labeled “Home” and “Family.” But no matter how in love you fall by the end of the game, Monopoly still has the go-to-jail options (to build up the suspense of course). 

The game is $40 and can be preordered on the Hallmark site (with delivery close to December) or at any Hallmark store. 

While we wait for ours in the mail, we'll just be working our way through this year's holiday movies (and, yes, we know we haven't even hit Halloween yet).

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