Gretta Monahan Has a Message for Women: ‘Be the Boss of Your Own Body’

gretta monahan women breast health

Ladies, listen up! It’s time to get serious about our breast health, according to Gretta Monahan.

The View lifestyle expert and beauty entrepreneur sat down with PureWow and shared some insight on the importance of women being in tune with their overall breast health and wellness. 

Monahan also opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis and revealed that although getting a yearly mammogram is important, it’s simply not enough. 

While the 49-year-old was getting checked by her doctor yearly, she found out (after the fact) that one of her tumors was able to be detected by self-examination. Something that in hindsight, she wishes she would have realized earlier.  

“I think mammograms yearly is non-negotiable, but I think beyond that is knowing your body is really important,” she said. “When I say that I mean it really does start at home. It starts with self-breast examinations. Be the boss of your own body, please get familiar, make a date with yourself and get comfortable.”

Monahan also introduced us to the term dense breasts. “Women have dense breasts and don’t even know it,” explained Monahan. “The only way to know if you do is to ask your doctor. If that question doesn’t make it to the table then you may be missing something very important like the fact that you maybe should be getting an ultrasound as well.”

Mammograms, ultrasounds and dense breasts. Check. 

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