This White Button-Down Makes Me Feel Posh at the Playground (and It Also Covers My Bum)

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Dressing for the playground is hard. One minute your kid is happily on the swings, the next they’re racing down the slide—backward. Add to that the fact that it’s basically a personality test for making new mom friends. (Hey, that small talk by the faux suspension bridge has gotta lead somewhere, right?)

Bottom line: You want to be comfortable, but also semi-put-together (i.e. like you’re dressed to go down the slide with your 2-year-old, but also like you’ve showered and put at least some thought into your outfit so your kid isn’t dressed for Instagram while you look like a scrub).

Enter the tissue cotton white button-down from Grayson. Is it too bold to say that I found the perfect playground shirt? Here’s why I love it:

1. It pairs easily with jeans and flats. Most of the time, I have approximately 1.5 minutes to dress myself before we’re out the door. (When my toddler is ready to go outside, he’s ready—literally knocking at the door.) This white shirt feels casual and relaxed, but stylish—and with jeans and a pair of flats (say, this pair from Birdies), it’s low-effort enough to look like I tried...but didn’t try.

2. It’s lightweight so I don’t feel sweaty. Chasing after a toddler at the playground means I always run hot. The tissue cotton material this shirt is made from is super lightweight and breathable. In fact, I love how airy it feels even on a warmer day.

3. It covers my bum. This aspect is critical. I can’t get over the physicality required of me when spotting my toddler as he attempts (by himself!) the metal ladder thing or joining him for a run down the way-too-advanced-for-him big kid slide. The last thing I want to do is flash any flesh. The good news: Special attention and care went into designing this shirt so that it’s the optimal length to cover your derriere. And I love love love it for that.

I rest my case.

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