Golden Globes 2020: We Found Beyoncé and Her Sleeves Are Everything

We pored over the 2020 Golden Globes red carpet just waiting for a sign—anything, really—that Queen Bey was in the house. We got…nothing. But we also knew that meant nothing. Because approximately one hour later, cut to BEYONCÉ (and Jay-Z) and some pretty impactful sleeves.

In the middle of Kate McKinnon’s moving opening for Ellen DeGeneres (who was the recipient of the Carol Burnett Award), we were trying not to cry and boom, the camera panned to Bey and Jay for a fraction of a second. And then they were gone.

But in that moment, all we could see were Beyoncé’s truly gigantic golden sleeves. From what we could tell, her gown featured a slim-fitting black skirt, plunging neckline and those sparkling balloon-like sleeves.

According to E! News, the singer arrive fashionably late after skipping the red carpet (of course she did), sneaking into the Beverly Hilton ballroom just before the second hour of the show. She’s actually a nominee this year, competing for Best Original Song – Motion Picture with The Lion King’s “Spirit.” It’s her first Golden Globes appearance in more than ten years.

We can all breathe a little easier now.


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