Glossier Just Launched the Non-Stinging Makeup Remover of Our Dreams

You know that lovely long-wear eyeliner that lasts through hot yoga (and new episodes of This Is Us)? It's all good until it comes time to take it off and you end up nearly taking an eye off with it. Enter: Milky Oil, Glossier's latest launch that the brand describes as "the ultimate waterproof makeup remover."

At just $12 a pop, it's designed to deliver the best of both worlds: the gentleness of a micellar water with the power of a cleansing oil to melt off even the heartiest of makeup without so much as a tug. To use it you simply shake the bottle to mix the micelles with the oil and soak a cotton pad with the silky emulsion before swiping off any pigment, all while conditioning skin. 

Fans of the brand's cult Jelly Cleanser will enjoy the soothing formula of Milky Oil, as it shares similar ingredients like comfrey root extract and vitamin B5. Makes sense given that the two products are meant to be used together: Milky Oil to target eyes and lips, followed by Jelly Cleanser to cleanse your entire face. Talk about a power couple. 


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