‘Gilmore Girls’ Fans Have a *Lot* of Opinions About the New Show-Themed Collection from Ulta

There's nothing that gets people heated quite like a Gilmore Girls conversation. Just bring up the show and before you know it, you'll be in debates about Team Jess vs. Team Dean vs. Team Logan (I've always thought it had to be Jess), or you'll find someone who loved the Netflix revival or absolutely hated it (I wasn't a fan).

So naturally, when Ulta announced that they were releasing a Gilmore Girls-inspired beauty collection, fans of the show had a *lot* of opinions. The new Ulta Beauty X Gilmore Girls collection consists of a Luke's Diner bath set, lip crayon set, gel liner set, makeup brush and sponge set, nail set, eye shadow palette duo and a hair accessories set. When we covered the release, users quickly rushed to the Facebook comments with their takes...and their reactions were too good.

One person wrote, “There better be lipstick called Vicious Trollop,” in reference to that iconic scene between Lorelai Gilmore and her mother. (And while Ulta didn't offer one, there's actually one that was created back in 2016.)

Meanwhile, the makeup brush and sponge set has a quote printed on the box from a scene where Max proposes to Lorelai with a thousand yellow daisies. However, one user pointed out, “They named the brushes a thousand yellow daisies even though that’s a Max reference and she ended up with Luke.”

Some thought it was a missed opportunity to not include coffee-scented products. “Why doesn’t the eye palette smell like coffee though,” one user asked. We were also wondering why they didn't make a coffee scrub.

But while some were disappointed, the Luke's diner mug and bath set seemed to be a hit among fans. “I want the mug,” one user wrote, while another commented, “I literally bought a set just for the Luke's coffee cup.”

There did seem to be one thing that most agreed would have made the set better: “I want beauty [advice] from Kirk in the checkout,” one person joked. “I picture Kirk behind a cosmetic counter selling it,” another said.

Now that is something we would love to see.

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