How Ghiradelli Is Getting People to Say Crème Brû-Yay This Valentine’s Day

Flowers smell nice and who doesn’t love an overpriced dinner, but I think we can all agree the real winner of Valentine’s Day is chocolate. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate—I don’t discriminate. But Ghiradelli just introduced a chocolate so decadent, I’m slightly worried I know it exists.

Enter, Ghiradelli’s new white chocolate crème brûlée…and three inches to my waistline. Unlike actual crème brûlée, the rich new limited-edition offering from the San Francisco–founded chocolatier doesn’t require an open flame, but it does include that same caramelized sugar taste.

As the name suggests, the new flavor is heavy on the mouth-watering white chocolate and light on crunchy crème brûlée bits. There’s even a hint of cinnamon, because why not?

For a cool $4, you or your very thoughtful loved one (lucky you!) can snag a pretty millennial pink bag filled with ten individually wrapped white chocolate crème brûlée squares exclusively at Target. If you, like me, have a tendency to eat all of your Valentine’s Day chocolate at once “so it doesn’t go bad,” the individual packaging is especially encouraging.

Thus far, response to the new flavor has been evangelical, with some Twitter users even calling on Ghiradelli to make it available all year round. (Love the enthusiasm, but for my sake, please don’t, Ghiradelli.)

You’ll also be happy to know the white chocolate crème brûlée meets Target’s “simple ingredients” standard. This means the chocolate has no synthetic flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners and doesn’t include high fructose corn-syrup or trans fats. So, when I inevitably buy and eat a bag of these bad boys in a single sitting, I won’t feel that guilty.

As the saying goes, a moment on the lips, a lifetime of bliss.

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