Gender Reveal Lasagna Is a Thing Now, Apparently

Ah, gender reveals: We’ve got decidedly mixed feelings about you. Being excited and celebratory about the arrival of your kid is one thing. Forcing your friends to toast a yet-to-be-born baby at a party that’s either all pink or all blue? It’s 2019…let’s be done with it already.

But the universe has apparently just said, wait, wait! and bestowed upon us the gender reveal prototype to end all others. Behold, the gender reveal lasagna from Villa Italian Kitchen.

Mmm, what a delicacy! Layers of slippery noodles, tomato sauce, meat and ricotta that’s been heavily dyed with pink or blue food dye—that’s just what we want to eat at a social gathering.

If you’re actually super interested in the pasta creation, we’re sorry for raining on your parade. Also, the lasagna costs $139 and feeds 12, according to Today.

We regret being annoyed about the pink and blue balloons.


Senior Food Editor

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