The Horrible Reason Why ‘Game of Thrones’ Episode 4 Was Called ‘The Last of the Starks’

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Each Sunday, HBO waits 'til after the Game of Thrones episode airs to announce the episode title so as to prevent spoilers and theories about what lies ahead for our favorite characters. So when the streaming service announced that episode four was called "The Last of the Starks," we were a bit confused at first.

"How could it be the last of the Starks?!" we asked ourselves in a panic. If anything, the other houses are in way greater danger of going the way of House Mormont and being snuffed out. Targaryen only has Jon and Dany, Greyjoy only has Euron and Yara left...even Baratheon has only one remaining member, Gendry, now that Dany officially made him Lord of Storm's End.

But flashback to one of the first scenes in last night's episode, and it makes sense: In the great hall of Winterfell, everyone is carousing, being merry and playing drinking games. Tyrion sees Bran sitting in his wheelchair, though, and decides to chat. The gist of the convo (besides Bran being his creepy, robot-like self) is that Bran doesn't want to be Lord of Winterfell because he's no longer human. Being the three-eyed raven means he no longer has human desires like power. He's not going to have an heir, and he's most certainly not going to be Lord of Winterfell, he tells Tyrion.

But if Bran isn't going to have an heir, and Sansa and Arya's future potential children would take their husbands' last names, and Jon's really a true Targaryen by way of his father Rhaegar, then it really is the "last of the Starks." Nooooooo!

So, should we all say our goodbyes to our favorite GoT House? Not quite...

For one, if Arya and Gendry do end up getting together, perhaps they could buck tradition and call their kids Starks since Gendry is technically still a bastard. Sansa could do the same if she ever remarries.

Or, perhaps like the Lannisters, there are distant Stark cousins out there that we haven't met yet. If that's the case, then House Stark could continue on even after Sansa, Arya and Bran are gone.

Tune in next Sunday, May 12, at 9 p.m. to see if we get any clarification. (And will it really even matter after all the death and destruction that will probably go down during the Battle of King's Landing? Our guess is...definitely not.)

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