Gabrielle Union Shares Video of Her Daughter, Kaavia, Epically Failing the ‘Fruit Snack Challenge’

Gabrielle Union just enlisted her daughter, Kaavia, for the “Fruit Snack Challenge,” and the baby’s reaction is a total mood.

Yesterday, the Bring It On alum, 47, posted a video on her personal Instagram account, featuring a priceless mother-daughter moment.

In the video, Union explains the rules of the “Fruit Snack Challenge,” which involve setting delicious gummies in front of a child and leaving the room. They’re instructed to wait to eat the snack until the parent returns, but as we expected, that’s not what happens.

The clip shows Union setting the scene. (However, she swaps fruit snacks for Bitsy’s Brain Food, since they’re Kaavia’s favorite.)

“You can have some Bitsy’s,” Union explains. “But you have to wait until I get back, all right?”

Kaavia nods before darting to the bowl, shoving her hand into the Bitsy’s as she peers around the room to see if she’s been caught. (News flash: She has.)

The fact that Kaavia is wearing a onesie that reads, “I [heart] naps but I stay woke,” is just icing on the cake.

Union captioned the post, “We couldn’t resist the #FruitsnackChallenge but we had to challenge @kaaviajames with her favorite snack @bitsysbrainfood… You already know.”

We call for a redo…with actual fruit snacks.


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