The Most LOL-Worthy Moments from Last Year’s Golden Globes

Every year we come for the dresses and we stay for the winners. And in anticipation of this year’s 77th annual Golden Globe Awards (taking place on January 5, 2020), we’re taking a look back at last year’s most laugh-out-loud-worthy moments. 

From "kind-roasting" to the Fiji water girl's epic photobombs, here are the eight funniest moments from the 2019 Golden Globes. 

How to Watch the Golden Globes (We’ve Got You Covered)

1. When The Fiji Water Girl Photobombed The Red Carpet

A marketing ploy gone horribly wrong. Or so perfectly right? We'll never know. (And, yes, "Fiji Water Girl" quickly got her own Twitter there's that.)

2. When Sandra Oh Roasted Lady Gaga With ‘100 People In A Room' Joke

We knew this was coming...but it was still so, so great to hear Gaga yell "It's true!!!" from the audience.

3. When Jim Carrey Was "ejected" From His Section

The hosts told Carrey to move to the TV section of the room, to which the actor replied there was a sound delay due to how far away he was. LOL.

4. When Sandra Oh Showed Off Her Mom And Dad

Her parents definitely did NOT see that coming with the Crazy Rich Asians joke. Also, can there be a cutest parents award? Because the Ohs won.

5. When Emma Stone, Olivia Colman And Rachel Weisz Whipped Out All The Puns

They forgot who should say what, and they're still our Favourite-s. (Had to.)

6. When Willem Dafoe Tried To Dodge A Vaccine

Andy Samberg and Oh's mid-show stunt of having fake doctors give out flu shots to the Hollywood elite was unexpected, but Dafoe's reaction stole the show.

sandra oh andy samberg nbc

7. When The Hosts Honored...themselves

They were supposed to show a highlight reel, but just played clips of themselves accepting past awards instead. 

8. When Amy Poehler Proposed To Maya Rudolph On Stage

"She said yes!!!!" The two comediennes totally roasted Glenn Weiss, who did the same thing (but for realsies) at 2018’s Emmys.


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