The Totally Free (and Kid-Approved) Way to Snap Out of Your Afternoon Slump

woman holding a pen and pad

Whether you got way too little sleep last night or the 4 p.m. slump is hitting hard, you need an energy boost—fast.

Enter 5-Minute Energy, a cute book by Isadora Baum that suggests more than 200 activities to put a little pep in your step. One surprising suggestion? Doodle aimlessly. 

Yep, that mindless hobby that got you in trouble in school could actually come in handy as an adult. According to Baum, “Research has shown that doodling can be a form of art, sparking creativity and the imagination and helping you feel more invigorated and productive throughout the day.” Works for us.

If you're extra sleepy, try doodling while listening to a peppy playlist. We've always suspected music was making us feel better, but a study by the University of Missouri proves it. Researchers found that upbeat music can positively affect your mood. Baum suggests customizing an energy playlist “that you can keep on hand—that way, when you’re short on time or on the go, you can easily access it in a matter of seconds.”

Who knew channeling our 6-year-old self could help our much-older-than-6-year-old self? 

sarah stiefvater

Wellness Director

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