French Toast-Flavored Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming in 2021 (& Oh Man, We Deserve This)

If you need a good reason to look forward to 2021, (aside from, ya know, all the obvious things like 2020 fiiiinally being over), then look no further than The Girl Scouts.

The organization recently announced that they will be adding a new, French toast–inspired cookie flavor to their lineup, and it's called Toast-Yay!

The new cookies are bread-shaped and French toast-flavored. They're also dipped in sweet icing and stamped with the Girl Scout trefoil logo (um, move over, Thin Mints).

With the 2021 cookie season fast approaching, it's very likely that we'll still have to deal with the coronavirus-related issues. So instead of focusing on in-person sales, the organization is offering a much safer way to buy their cookies.

The website reads, "In the 2021 season, Girl Scouts will again embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by selling cookies through online platforms and innovative 'virtual cookie booths' on social media (with parental supervision). Many girls will offer socially distant or contactless sales and delivery options. If local guidelines allow and it’s safe to do so, in-person sales may also be available in certain areas."

According to their statement, customers will also get to purchase gift box options for their loved ones through a digital service.

The site continued, "When Girl Scout Cookie season returns, Toast-Yay! cookies, along with other Girl Scout Cookie favorites, will give consumers a new way to celebrate life’s special moments. And though social distancing measures may keep families and friends apart, cookie customers will be able to share joy and stay connected this season through a gift box option that ships directly to the recipient of their choice via the Digital Cookie/Smart Cookie online platforms."

Excuse us while we resume our countdown to 2021.

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