Here's What a Nutritionist Eats When She Has the Flu

woman in bed iwth the flu

When we’re feeling sick—especially with something like the flu—we’re willing to try pretty much anything to feel better, from over-the-counter medicines and aromatherapy to switching up our diet to include more immune-boosting and soothing foods.

That’s why we checked in with Maria Marlowe, an integrative nutrition health coach and author of The Real Food Grocery Guide, to learn what she eats when she’s feeling under the weather.

“Since the flu is a virus, I add in more foods that exhibit antiviral properties and also focus on warming foods and liquids,” she told us.“I love soups that not only provide hydration and feel comforting going down, but if they’re made with the right ingredients, they can help us beat the flu faster.”

One of her go-tos? This Never-Get-Sick Split Pea Soup. “Some of the key ingredients are turmeric (which exhibits antiviral activity against a wide range of viruses, including influenza, and is a powerful anti-inflammatory), ginger (another anti-inflammatory and an immune-booster) and split peas (which contain all nine essential amino acids, making them an excellent source of protein, which our bodies need to build and repair cells).”

While adding certain foods to your diet won’t fully cure your symptoms, any added relief they can provide is much appreciated.

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