Facebook Is Launching a Dating Feature for Your Secret Crushes (and We Have Some Questions)

When we had a secret crush back in the day, we would pass notes and whisper about it. Pretty soon, though, you’ll just have to log on to Facebook to profess your (potentially unrequited) love.

At its annual development conference, the social media site announced more details being added to its Facebook Dating feature. The dating app is nothing new; what’s interesting is the “Secret Crush” feature.

Here’s how it works: If you’re on Facebook Dating, you can list up to nine of your Facebook friends on whom you’re secretly crushing. (Nine? Who has nine crushes?) If you’re both on Facebook Dating and you both list each other as a Secret Crush, you’ll get a notification. Otherwise, the secret stays secret.

To be completely honest, our first thoughts were, “this is chaos.” After all, it’s the internet—nothing is sacred. And imagine getting a notification that one of your friends has a crush on you…with no way to find out who it is. But if you’re going to spend six hours doing a deep dive into your cousin’s friend’s brother’s Instagram, it could also be a better use of your time.

Since Facebook Dating is integrated into the Facebook mobile app, we were concerned about the, uh, privacy issue. The company says that your dating profile will be separate from your main Facebook page, and nothing from the dating app will show up on your profile or feed (unless you post about a bad date, lolz). Facebook also says that you can block your regular Facebook friends from seeing your dating profile, and use the same blocking and reporting functions if someone on the dating app skeeves you out. Good to know.

The Secret Crush feature will roll out starting today in the countries where Facebook has its dating service (the U.S., Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Argentina and Mexico, plus 14 new countries in Asia and South America introduced today). Happy crushing.

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