This App Will Manage Your Privacy Settings Across All Devices and Accounts, Because Alexa Is Always Listening

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If you’ve ever found yourself asking why some random website is serving you ads for an item you just thought about (perhaps even texted about to a friend), you’re not alone. The creepy “always being watched” feeling is nothing new these days, but it’s only going to get even creepier as more and more of your devices and online accounts hold the key to your data.

But a new app is hoping to make it easier to protect your online identity and privacy, without all the hassle of logging into multiple accounts and prodding around aimlessly for where those specific settings are kept.

Jumbo, which launched on iOS this month and has an Android version on the way, makes it simple to track all your privacy settings across various accounts in one place, clean out old social media posts and even delete previous Google searches and Alexa voice recordings (Alexa starts recording when you say her wake word—in most cases "Alexa"). Of course, you can do this all on your own. But, just us, or does the thought of going through every account and upping our privacy or clearing out our search history sound onerously tedious? Yeah, we thought so.

“But won’t they have all my info if I login to my accounts from one app? Doesn’t that feel counterintuitive?” you astutely ask. The answer is simple: Jumbo doesn’t send any of your info to its own servers, but stores it all on your own device (in this case, your iPhone). So, yes, you will have to start out by downloading the app, then logging onto Facebook, Amazon, Google, Twitter, etc. But none of those logins get transferred to Jumbo’s own servers (which is why you have to leave the app open and running for it to do its job of cleaning out old posts or configuring your security settings).

And later this summer, Jumbo will roll out new features that let users set their Twitter, Google and Amazon accounts to the most private settings possible from within their artfully designed and user-friendly interface. According to Fast Company, a feature that can clean out old posts on Facebook, Instagram and Tinder is coming soon, too.

“Unfortunately, every day it feels like there is a new story about our personal data being compromised,” CEO Pierre Valade wrote in a blog post on the Jumbo site. “But the good news is that people increasingly care about protecting their privacy.”

One more app for a lot more peace of mind? That's major Jumbo.

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