Eva Longoria Goes Makeup-Free *and* Matches Her Outfit with Her Backyard Decor on Instagram

It's only been a week since we rang in 2021, but Eva Longoria is already giving us all the fashion inspo.

The 45-year-old actress shared a glamorous snap from what appears to be her backyard, and her stylish new robe legit looks like a part of the surrounding decor. In the caption, she wrote, "Clashing or matching? Either way, I’m obsessed [heart eyes emoji] @victoriabeckham."

In the photo, a make-up free Longoria basks in the sun as she lounges on an outdoor bed, wearing the Striped Robe in Midnight-Blue Cream ($220) from Victoria Beckham's collection. While the actress suspected the pattern may have clashed with her dark navy and white pillows, Beckham herself begged to differ and showed her approval in the comments. She wrote, "You look incredible!!! Your legs!!!! Xxxx kisses x."

While we could go on about the flattering fit of Longoria's trendy robe, we're equally as impressed by the colorful landscaping, which features manicured grass and vibrant flowers.

When the Sylvie's Love star chatted with InStyle in 2020, she revealed that staying in quarantine has actually strengthened many of her relationships. She revealed, "It takes more effort. But we have wine-o-clock Zooms, I'm talking more to my girlfriends on the phone, where before I knew I'd see them eventually, so I didn't really feel like I needed to call them."

She continued, "Now, reaching out and connecting and having a wine-o-clock Zoom, whatever it is, it feels more grounded with COVID. It feels like I have to check in with them. Even my mom, my sister, my family, I actually think it's made us closer, believe it or not. A lot of the times closeness has nothing to do with location."

Here's to more wine-o-clock Zooms (and hopefully, more backyard photoshoots).

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