Emma Watson and Tom Felton Had a ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion, and Fans Think They Could Be Dating

Is it the Felix Felicis talking, or are these two madly in love?

On Monday, Emma Watson and Tom Felton, aka Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy of the Harry Potter movies, appeared together in an Instagram posted by Felton, with the location tag of South Africa. Felton seems to be teaching Watson how to play guitar, since he captioned the post, "Quick learner x."

Dating rumors aside, our Potter-loving hearts are soaring at the reunion of these two. But for the Love(good) of Luna, we can't stop hoping that Hermione and Draco are actually an item.

For starters, they're in their PJs, which might mean they had a sleepover. We love that the Little Women star's matching set of jammies is so Hermione (and definitely Hogwarts Express–approved). 

The next photo Felton posted is of himself sitting on a beach with a shirt that reads "Women Do It Better." His photo caption hints at Watson's presence in the photo as well: a little camera emoji with the initials "EW" after it.

This isn’t the first time these two have hung out. In November of last year, Watson shared some snaps of her and her former Harry Potter co-star in Venice Beach, California (and Felton is 100 percent wearing the same “Women Do It Better” shirt as he is in the snap from Monday ... is there such a thing as a reunion shirt?). 

Last year, the two took a relaxed beach selfie and a selfie video while skateboarding along the boardwalk ... and we DO believe in magic, you guys.

Ron? Harry? Do you have anything to say about this?


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