Emilia Clarke Just Revealed Dany's Reaction to Finding Out She's Related to Jon Snow

Flashback to season seven, episode seven, and arguably one of the most controversial sex scenes of the entire show. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, unknowingly as nephew and aunt, rock the boat (literally) as they confess their love for one another.

Of course, Game of Thrones is no stranger to incest ever since Jaime and Cersei kicked off the very first episode of the show with their Winterfell romp that ended with a paralyzed Bran Stark.

But many fans had long figured out that Jon, who had no idea (and presumably still doesn’t know) about his real parentage, is actually Dany’s nephew, since Jon’s real dad is Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, aka the dragon queen’s late older brother. While the live reactions on Twitter brought us to laugh-cry tears, actress Emilia Clarke’s character had a different reaction.

In a new interview with TV Guide, Clarke revealed that Daenerys does find out about Jon’s real lineage at some point during season eight (out April 14), and (dragon) sh*t hits the fan.

When they discover the truth, “she ends up in an incredibly fragile place,” Clarke said. “Jon is her only safety left.” And the honorable King in the North is no different when he finds out he slept with his aunt. (Still gross.)

“He’s not the kind of person who can [knowingly] jump in bed with a relative,” Harington said. Uh-oh. This sounds like the end of Jonerys for good… (Sorry Dany-Jon shippers.)

Guess we’ll just have to wait ’til April 14 to know for sure.

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