New Jersey Restaurant Replaces Bread with Pickles and You Need to See These Sandwiches

We’ve seen pickles on a sandwich and pickles on the side of a sandwich, but how about pickles as the sandwich? Mind-blowing, we know. But that’s exactly what a New Jersey restaurant is serving up to its customers. And we need to try one asap. 

Elsie’s, in Haddon Township, New Jersey, is replacing the bread of sandwiches with thick, juicy pickles. Located about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia, the restaurant (which has only been open for nine weeks) dubs itself “home of the pickle sandwich.”

“There is no bread in the house at all,” Elsie’s co-owner Katherine Cohen told TODAY Food. Yup, it’s pretty simple. The (scooped out) pickle works the same way the bread does in an ordinary sandwich—holding together the meats and toppings. 

Just one question: How many pickles does this place go through? Cohen estimates about 300 per day (!). This includes mainly kosher dill pickles, with the occasional offering of spicy ones.

“On average, our pickles are about seven inches,” she said. And they also use what they call a “proprietary recipe.” Umm, we want the details. 

The folks behind this establishment realize pickles aren’t for everyone, so they also offer roll-ups (an option with cucumbers rolled up around the meats). 

One order will cost you an average of $9.50 and get you six pieces, so it’s ideal for a quick lunch. Looks like we’re taking a trip to NJ. 

Their website says it best: “Peace, Love, Pickles.”