Just Salad Offers Unlimited Salad for an Entire Month, So Bring on the Balsamic

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Calling all vegans, vegetarians and health-conscious foodies: Your lunch break just got a whole lot better. Just Salad is bringing back their Unlimited Salad Bowl.

In the land of $15 salads, the news is music to our ears and definitely going to be worth the fight. No, we don’t mean full-on brawl, but you can expect some level of competition considering that last year the beloved bowl sold out in under an hour. We’re not kidding when we say these are the real-life Hunger Games.

Here’s the gist: For $129, customers can buy a reusable bowl and receive one free salad every day in May. While $129 may sound like a daunting price tag for produce, the deal seems like you’ll be getting your money’s worth. According to Just Salad, if guests bring in their bowls all 31 days, the cost breakdown comes to around $4.16 per salad. You’ll also have the option of either getting a signature salad or creating your own with four toppings and one protein.

“Just Salad has always been committed to making healthy food as accessible as possible,” said Stephen Swartz, Just Salad’s Director of Marketing. “The Unlimited Salad Bowl makes it easy and affordable for guests to accomplish their health goals, all while helping to reduce plastic waste.”

Reducing plastic waste is a year-round mission for the eatery. The company is recognized as having the world’s largest restaurant reusable bowl program and saves 75,000 pounds of plastic a year. Not to mention their recently launched Green Standard initiative, which deepens their promise to be “green” in the restaurant industry and beyond.

Just Salad has locations in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, and their unlimited salad bowl is now available for purchase on the company website.

Helping the environment one $4 salad at a time? Count us in.

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