Exclusive: The Fitness Fashion Trend Drew Barrymore Just Can’t Get Behind

drew barrymore workout trend

She’s a girl after our own hearts: Drew Barrymore is the first to admit that weight fluctuations happen and—as a mom of two daughters, Olive, 6, and Frankie, 5—staying in shape isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. (Preach, Drew!)

PureWow had the chance to chat with the Santa Clarita Diet star in New York City while she was in town to promote her new partnership with (and love of) Emsculpt, a revolutionary new treatment that builds muscle and burns fat to sculpt your body and help you achieve out-of-reach fitness goals. 

Barrymore had this to say about balancing it all: “I know when I’m not working out and I’m eating improperly, I go into my closet and I resent my clothes. I don’t want to get dressed. I feel defeated and not in a positive place mentally. But when I'm working out and enjoying my life—as in, I’m having some pasta and I’m drinking some wine, but spending five days a week eating sensibly—I can let go of the mental gymnastics and tell myself, ‘I've got this.’ I'm not about the aesthetics. I just want to feel strong.”

Still, Barrymore acknowledges that there’s one fitness fashion trend that’s not doing us any favors. “This new day and age of cream-colored workout suits!” she laughs. “You really have to look good and take care of yourself if you’re wearing that.”

If you need us, we’ll be sticking to our workout uniforms of black and navy. And also applauding Barrymore for keeping conversations about fitness and weight loss honest and real.

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