Drew Barrymore Brought Her Iconic ‘Scream’ Character Back to Life (& She Looks *Exactly* the Same)

Drew Barrymore just proved that she hasn't changed in the slightest over the last two decades.

The talk show host recently reprised her iconic Scream character, Casey Becker, in a segment of The Drew Barrymore Show and it legit feels like we've time-traveled back to the year 1996.

In the clip, Barrymore imagines a world where Casey survives after the first Scream movie. The scene kicks off with Ghostface sitting in an empty room, pondering a to-do list that says "murder." However, when he starts to blow up Casey's phone and get her attention, she ignores him and is completely unfazed. He writes, "Casey, it's that time of year...where I have to kill you!!" 

After a missed call, Ghostface messages her again and says, "Casey, come on pick up! I come in peace lol :) :) :) Stop GHOSTING me!!!"

Casey, who's seen with the same blonde bob and a similar cream top, continues to ignore his messages and goes about her business. Then, the disappointed villain watches her longingly as she walks away on the street.

Scream fans will recall that, in the original film, Casey receives a mysterious call and learns that she's being stalked. Then, within the first few minutes of the film (and just moments before her parents get home), her character is brutally murdered by Ghostface. But in this modern-day twist, it appears that Casey has definitely learned her lesson.

Aside from reprising her role, Barrymore also treated Scream fans to a mini reunion by inviting fellow actors to talk about their characters in the movie franchise. The reunion included Henry Winkler (Principal Arthur Himbry in Scream), Patrick Warburton (Steven Stone in Scream 3) and Aimee Teegarden (Jenny Randall in Scream 4).

It'll be a little while until we see Scream 5 (coming to theaters on Jan. 14, 2022), but here's hoping Drew will treat us to even more Casey updates between now and then..

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