Drew Barrymore Says She’ll “Never Get Married Again” in Candid New Interview

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Don’t expect to see a ring on Drew Barrymore's finger anytime soon.

PureWow recently caught up with the TV personality, and while discussing the possibility of reprising her most famous roles for movie reboots, Barrymore mentioned that she was all for it—although the same can’t be said about changing her marital status.

According to The Drew Barrymore Show talk show host, walking down the aisle three times was more than enough. As she shared her thoughts about possibly doing reboots, Barrymore revealed, “It's hard to do it while the show is happening because it's so consuming. It's insane, but never say never. Except for about marriage, I'll never get married again.”

Barrymore, who is now partnering with instead (a natural lawn care program that offers environmentally friendly products), was previously married to Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green and Will Koperman, with whom she shares two children. But while these romantic relationships may have come to an end, the actress is grateful for her long-term friendships.

"I'm really lucky that I've had the same friends most of my life, and we're all very real with each other,” she told us. “My friends have been a huge instrumental part of my growth and stability, and they're hella fun people, but they're people who have their stuff together and are emotionally balanced. I admire the way they behave and handle things. If I want to be like the people I surround myself with, they're living examples."

She added, “They're always inspiring me, whether it's environmentally or behaviorally. I get some of the biggest inspiration and direction from those I am lucky enough to surround myself with."

Married or not, it sounds like Barrymore’s got all the love and support she needs.

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