'Insatiable' Star Debby Ryan's Favorite Highlighter, Plus More Glowy Skin Secrets

Insatiable star Debby Ryan has been in the limelight since she was 14 years old, but when we recently met up with the actress in New York City, there was only one light we could focus on—her positively glowing complexion. Seriously. Lucky for us, the Disney-turned-Netflix actress was an open book of glow-getter wisdom—even sharing an Amazon find that’s now her go-to multipurpose beauty product. (We may or may not have ordered it immediately after the interview was over.)

Debby Ryan’s Secret For Dewy Skin

“If you’re not drinking enough water that you’re going to the bathroom every hour, you’re not setting yourself up for success,” says Ryan when asked how she keeps her skin so supple. Sure, you’ve heard this tip before, but Ryan has seen firsthand the difference that incorporating the proper amount of H2O into her daily routine can have on her complexion.

See, back when she was dealing with acne in her teens, she was actively trying to make her skin dehydrated since she thought dryness was the key to keeping it clean. But what ended up happening was the drier her skin got, the more congested it became, which only lead to more breakouts. It was then that she realized in order to keep her skin happy, she needed to keep it moisturized—starting from the inside out. And Ryan was right, too. When your skin is dry, it cracks more easily, which lets in blemish-causing bacteria. Nowadays, Ryan maintains a steady flow of water consumption throughout the day and even adds different fruits, like lemon and berries, or electrolytes to keep from getting bored of the drink.

Her Favorite Splurge Highlighter

Debby swears by Chanel’s Baume Essential Multi-Use Glow Stick in "Transparent" since it provides a boost of radiance with its flush of color, but doesn’t have any sparkly pigments. She applies it to the light-catching points on her face: cheekbones, brow arches, tip of the nose and cupid’s bow. Its natural-looking finish is right in line with the rest of her low-maintenance beauty routine: “If that plus C&C by Clean and Clear’s 'No Glow', clear mascara on the brows, vitamin E oil on the lips and feathered lashes is all you’re wearing...”—she snaps her fingers—“Clutch.” 

Her Thrifty Highlighter Pick

Celebrities, they shop on Amazon just like us! Ryan purchases vitamin E oil in rollerball tubes from the online retailer and incorporates it into her beauty routine in a variety of different ways—one being on her cheekbones to make them pop. Since it’s an oil, the formula sinks right in and creates a believable dewiness that has the added benefit of keeping the skin moisturized while wearing it. She also says she uses it as a natural makeup remover, a treatment for healing scars and as a high shine lip gloss.

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C&C by Clean & Clear

Her Highlighter Application Trick

Before applying her highlighter (or any makeup), Ryan uses C&C by Clean & Clear’s “No Glow” mattifying stick since it blurs pores and absorbs excess oil for up to 12 hours, which she says keeps her skin looking glowy, but never shiny.

Glow-getting tips straight from Debby Ryan herself? You better believe we're taking note.