David Harbour Attends Taylor Swift Concert with Daughter & Now He's a Bonafide Swiftie

It looks like Channing Tatum and his little girl weren't the only famous father-daughter duo at Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour.

As it turns out, Stranger Things star David Harbour also joined one of his stepdaughters to see the pop star perform live. And now, he's confirming that he's a total Swiftie. While chatting with IMDb about his go-to playlists, the 48-year-old actor confessed that he's a huge fan of Swift's work.

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In a short clip released by IMDb, Harbour was asked, "What are songs that you would put on before big moments in your life?" In response, he said, "You know, I went to see that Eras tour, and so I’ve just got nonstop Taylor Swift on the brain. So you know, I don’t know… 'Midnights' or 'Shake It Off' or 'Bad Blood' was a banger!"

Although the actor didn't reveal which of his daughters he attended the show with, he said that his initial plan was to drop her off. But it didn't take long for him to have a change of heart and stick around. When his Gran Turismo co-star, Archie Madekw, asked if he took his daughter or if she took him, Harbour said, "That’s a really good question…It started as me taking my daughter, and wound up staying. You go for her. You stay for me."

In another interview with ET Canada, Harbour also opened up about his step-daughter getting a special surprise from the pop star, who had a letter delivered to them during one of her performances.

Harbour recalled, "It was addressed to me and my stepdaughter, and it was a handwritten letter on a particular stationery, and it was like, I've never seen my stepdaughter speechless."

He continued, "She did say in the letter at one point, 'I'm gonna, I'll give you a wave from the stage.' And at one point, during the beginning of one of her numbers, she did turn to our little booth and [wave]."

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Harbour's daughter wasn't the only one that Swift impressed. The actor also praised her talent and said, "I've seen her perform for three and a half hours. It's like 45 songs, I've never seen [that]."

He joked, "She barely leaves the stage. I don't know when she pees. It's ridiculous. She's a force of nature."

We're totally on board with this trend of dads being proud Swifites.

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