16 Outfits to Wear to the Taylor Swift Eras Tour

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It’s almost time, Swifties! The Eras Tour is nearly here and we can’t contain our excitement. In anticipation for the show, Taylor Swift Eras tour outfits are currently trending on TikTok and there are so many ways you can pull out all the stops with your look. Here are a few of our favorites.

How Do I Style An Outfit For the Tour?

We recommend using each era’s overall vibe as inspiration for your outfits instead of replicating the exact looks Taylor’s worn in past performances or music videos. This is a far more stylish approach that’s easier to put together and isn’t quite as costume-y.

Which Era Should I Pick?

The easiest way to choose an era is to go by your favorite album. Alternatively, if you can’t possibly choose one favorite album, go with an era that best matches some of the clothes you already have in your closet.

Still stuck? We put together some looks from each era for you ahead.

taylor swift eras tour outfits debut
Dasha Burobina for PureWow

1. Debut

Taylor Swift’s self-titled album was released when she was just 17 years old—back when she was still clinging on to her country roots. This album had an ethereal country vibe and featured lots of eyelet patterns, white dresses and the like. If you want to dress as debut era Taylor, you’ll obviously need some cute cowgirl boots, and either a denim skirt and frilly blouse combo or a white dress. Don’t forget the cowgirl hat and a head full of tight curls to complete the look.

taylor swift eras tour outfits fearless
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2. Fearless

This was one of Taylor’s sparkliest eras. And if you went to this tour, you know just how magical it was. If you’re going “Fearless” for the Eras tour, you must fully commit to some glitz and glam. From your boots to your dress to your jewelry, you want to look like you’re a firework. We have a feeling this is going to be a popular choice for Swifties in most cities.

taylor swift eras tour outfits speak now
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3. Speak Now

If you’re on #swifttok, you probably know the theories that this will be her next re-release are swirling like crazy. This was Taylor’s third studio album and it remains a favorite among many Swifties. The purple-themed era features total bangers like “Long Live” and “Better Than Revenge” along with tear jerkers like “Never Grow Up.” If you’re wearing purple to the Eras tour, everyone will know you are going with “Speak Now” for your look. We recommend upping the ante a bit with a pair of sleek cowgirl boots, a purple dress of your choosing and curls on curls on curls.

taylor swift eras tour red
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4. Red

As much as we want to sport a big red scarf and full fall get-up, the tour is taking place over the spring and summer so it might be a smidge too warm for all those layers. This album features one of Taylor’s top songs of all time “All Too Well,” as well as tearjerkers like “Sad Beautiful Tragic” and “22,” which we giddily scream-sang with our friends on our 22nd birthday. If you’re planning to match the 2012 Red era, go for the famous black shorts, white top and black wide-brimmed hat. And if you show up to the concert without a bright red lip, you’re doing it wrong.

1989 taylor swift eras tour outfits
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5. 1989

Come on, we all wished we were part of Taylor’s girl gang in her iconic “Bad Blood” music video. This album gave us some total bops and unforgettable music videos. The 1989 vibe is very girly and fun with lots of celebratory bright colors, which is why it’s a great option for your Eras Tour outfit. Go with a wrap mini skirt instead of the skater skirt to stick with current trends, and add a sheer colored button-down and a pair of retro Wayfarer sunnies.

Paula Boudes for PureWow

6. Reputation

Are you ready for it? We are. This album’s sparkly black and snake theme is edgy and feminine in the most femme fatale way possible. The 2017 studio album was a response to some drama involving a few unmentionable celebrities, but we don’t need to tell you what went down since Taylor already did in her tracks. If you went to this tour, you’ll remember the gigantic snake head that came out of the stage during her set that left audiences across the world in shock (in the best way). We honestly think this is the easiest look to pull off since sparkles, black and snake print accessories are everywhere. If you dress in head-to-toe black with a pop of sparkle, your point will be made, but add some snake accents to really sell your Reputation look.

taylor swift eras tour lover
Paula Boudes for PureWow

7. Lover

We fell in love with this pastel-painted era just as hard as Taylor fell in love with her new man, Joe Alwyn. Plus, it’s the first-ever studio album she owns. Whether you want to dress in a pink, poofy dress to emulate the Lover era or wear a tie-dyed cloud of pastel shades, you can accessorize your look with some heart-shaped hair pins or even draw a glittery heart around one eye to really commit to the theme.

taylor swift eras tour
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8. folklore

We’re not saying you have to wear a cardigan to pull off this era, but it sure would be cute. This folksy era transitioned Taylor’s sound from her usual pop hits to an indie folk, alternative rock genre. Did you know the names of characters featured in this album (Inez, Betty and James) are the names of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ kids? Since Taylor is so close with the couple, she asked if she could use their names in the songs, which is also how their then-youngest daughter, Betty’s name was revealed to the public for the first time.If you’re looking to emulate this album for your tour outfit, stick to neutral tones and simple Renaissance-silhouette styles.

taylor swift eras tour outfits
Paula Boudes for PureWow

9. evermore

Like folklore, evermore has an indie folk, alternative rock vibe to it and was also released in 2020. The surprise release had fans in absolute shock since it didn’t follow Taylor’s standard two-to-three-year gap between albums. evermore is very natural and simple in style, so sticking to those muted shades and punching things up with a hint of grunge via a pair of combat boots will elevate this laid-back look. And don’t forget the single French braid.

Paula Boudes for PureWow

10. Midnights

Considering her most recent album broke all kinds of records, we predict this era be a popular look at her concerts. You can feel the power of her emotions in this record, from pain to sorrow to love and regret. (Seriously, you can almost taste the resentment she has for John Mayer in "Would've, Could've, Should've"). Whether you want to follow her “Anti-Hero” music video look or you try her sparkly blue and sliver look from the VMAs after party you can’t go wrong. If you want to sport a lot of lavender in honor of the iconic “Lavender Haze” video, this is where we recommend copying the look as closely as possible so you don’t get confused for 'Speak Now' Taylor.

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