Danica Patrick Gets Real About Her Relationship with Aaron Rodgers

danica patrick aaron rodgers

When she’s not cheering on boyfriend Aaron Rodgers in the stands, Danica Patrick is traveling to promote her new podcast, Pretty Intense.

Luckily, the very busy former NASCAR driver made time to sit down with PureWow to give us all the deets on her relationship with the NFL star. 

The couple, who confirmed their relationship back in early 2018, spend a lot of time on the road (whether it’s traveling for football games, promoting their separate projects or visiting friends and family), and we just had to know, when two people are that busy, how do they make their relationship work? 

Patrick opened up about how their love of travel has been a huge factor in their relationship. 

“I think that one of the things that is important in a relationship is that you either both like to travel or you either both don’t like to travel,” she said. “And then if you do travel, are you good travelers together? It’s not like we had to figure anything out when it came to that. We both wanted to go to the same places and we both travel well together.”

The 37-year-old also discussed how the duo passes their time on flights together. “He does a lot of crossword puzzles. So, there’s a lot of flights that are a little quiet while he does his puzzles.” Who knew? 

PureWow asked Patrick if she or Rodgers was more competitive. We imagined this would be a toss-up considering they both compete (or competed) professionally for a living. 

“I mean we’re both competitive, just not with each other,” she said. “We just don’t put ourselves in that scenario or enjoy it. I would probably say by nature I’m a little bit more competitive across the board. He’s got a lot more of a relaxed nature to him but he’s also incredibly disciplined and works very hard and holds himself to an extremely high standard.”

Minimal competition and lots of crossword puzzles? Sounds like the ideal situation to us. 

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