Extremely Important News: Costco Now Has $20 Cheese Flights

Summer entertaining just got a billion times easier (and more fun). Costco is now selling Kirkland signature cheese flights and it’s officially a game-changer. 

The genius new product was first spotted by Instagram account @CostcoDeals and appears to have five cheese selections: monteau alpine, cabot clothbound cheddar, red-wine-soaked goat (um, yum), 12-month-aged manchego and duon herb hand-rubbed fontina.

Yep, this is basically a fancy cheese board, minus the work. Each cheese flight weighs in at an impressive 1.8 pounds (so they’re definitely not skimping) and costs $20. And the best part? It comes with wine and beer pairing recommendations right on the packaging.

And if you’re really in the mood to mix things up, Costco Business Center sells a slightly different version of Kirkland's cheese samplers, featuring Il Tartufo Pecorino Toscana and Tuscan fontina cheese.

So whether you’re hosting a huge family barbecue or having a low-key wine-and-cheese night, Costco's got your back.

The future of cheese is now. And it's glorious.