Emilia Clarke Sets the Record Straight About the Coffee Cup in that ‘Game of Thrones’ Scene

Just when you thought the coffee cup in that Game of Thrones scene drama had died down, it’s come back from the dead trash can White Walker style. 

Last night, Emilia Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen, stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and spilled the tea (coffee?) about who, in fact, was responsible for the whole Starbucks cup conundrum. (ICYMI: There was a to-go cup of coffee left on a table during a scene in season eight, episode four of the hit HBO series.)

Although Sophie Turner jokingly blamed it on Clarke, when Fallon asked the 33-year-old Last Christmas star what the deal was with the snafu she revealed who the real culprit was.

“Here’s the truth: We had a party before the Emmys recently. And Conleth [Hill], who plays Varys, who’s sitting next to me in the scene, he pulls me aside and he says, ‘Emilia, I’ve got to tell you something, love. The coffee cup was mine,’” she revealed, before staring at Fallon in mock horror.

She went on to say, “It was his! It was Conleth’s coffee cup! He said so. He was like, ‘I think it was, darling. I didn’t want to say anything because the heat was very much on you.’ And I was like, ‘What?! What?!’” We would have the same reaction.

Clarke summed up her thoughts on the whole matter to Fallon, saying, “I think that’s who did it. I mean, he said it—he might have been drunk—but he said it.”

Fallon also took the opportunity to ask the Game of Thrones alum if she knows anything about the forthcoming House of the Dragon prequel. Her response? “I genuinely don’t know anything about it. I heard that it’s happening. We’ve got a great WhatsApp, so someone popped it on and we were all like, ‘Oooh.’”

Like Gretchen Weiners before her, it seems Khaleesi’s hair is full of secrets.


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