Chrissy Teigen Bought 5 Wedding Dresses Because She Felt Guilty ‘Just Trying on Dresses’

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Chrissy Teigen is one celebrity who's known for keeping it real...if not exactly relatable. Case in point: Making extremely extravagant purchases for reasons that are—let's say—quirky. 

A fan recently tweeted at the model and author, “One time I saw you at [Barneys] and you bought a Celine bag so you wouldn’t feel guilty about asking to use the bathroom. I knew I loved you before but that solidified it.” Teigen responded, “Wowowowow anyone that knows me knows this is very true all too often.” 

But it was the second example of her guilt-purchasing that really stopped us in our tracks. After the Celine exchange, a friend joked to Teigen via Instagram DM, “Sort of like that time you bought like 5 wedding dresses you knew you would never actually wear because you felt guilty about ‘just trying on dresses’ which is precisely the point of TRYING ON wedding dresses I love you.” 

Sharing the message on her Instagram story, Teigen added of the five dresses, “THOSE WENT TO GREAT HOMES.”

But lest you think she stuck to just one dress for her 2013 wedding to John Legend, think again. When it came to the Lake Como nuptials, Teigen stunned in not one, not two but three Vera Wang dress changes. She wore a backless princess ball gown for the ceremony, a white mermaid dress for the reception and changed into a va-va-voom red mermaid number for the after-party. 

We'd be a little jealous if we didn't love her so much. 

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