Chrissy Teigen Just Got a Major New Tattoo—But Now She’s Worried About What It Really Means

Chrissy Teigen just got a major new tattoo, and she really hopes it doesn't have any underlying meaning.

The 35-year-old model showed off her new ink on Instagram, writing: "please don’t tell me this means something in morse code, I just like dots (@winterstone)."

In the black and white image, a series of small dots line four of Teigen's fingers (and we're no morse code masters, but they just look like dots to us). The design was created by tattoo artist Winter Stone, who is the star's go-to artist for body ink. He shared the artwork on his own account, saying, "TINY TINY DOTS ON...@chrissyteigen hands got the pleasure of drawing this little design on her hands Lastnight! Always fun always and full of laughs at these sessions!"

While Teigen hopes those dots aren't sending any secret messages, she has otherwise always imbued her tattoos with important meaning. Last November, Teigen got the name "Jack" tattooed on her right wrist, in honor of her late son. Meanwhile, the celebrity had lyrics from the song "Ooh Laa" tattooed on her back just a couple months ago to celebrate the track that her husband, John Legend, wrote for her. She even has the birthdays of Legend and her two children, Luna and Miles, permanently printed on her forearm.

Teigen is the queen of body ink.

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