How to Give Your Foundation a Midday Refresh (According to Chrissy Teigen’s Makeup Artist)

As anyone who has ever tried to get ready between work and dinner plans knows, there is a big difference between a 9 a.m. face and a 4 p.m. face—and most of it has to do with your foundation. What starts off as a smooth, even finish usually fades and settles into pores and fine lines by midafternoon.

And sure, you could just add more makeup on top, but that tends to make things look caky, fast. So what should you do instead? According to Mary Philips (aka Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner's go-to makeup artist), the trick to refreshing your makeup without having to do it all over again is moisturizing. Yes, you heard right. 

As she told Refinery29, "I take some moisturizer, put it on the back of my hand, use a fluffy brush and buff the skin with it. It’s basically like a magic eraser and rehydrates makeup without completely removing anything." 

We tried this out last night and not only did it smooth everything over like a filter, but it also created the perfect base for a few minor touchups (mostly some concealer under our eyes). No creasing. No heavy mask of makeup. Just a fresh face.  

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