Chrissy Teigen Debuts Not One, But *Three* Stunning Christmas Trees on IG

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend may not have gotten the festive night they wanted, but they did manage to snap a few gorgeous photos that we want on our Christmas cards.

As it turns out, the couple had planned a special holiday outing, but someone wasn't feeling too well and they had to nix these plans. On Instagram earlier this month, Teigen shared photos of herself and Legend and explained, "We got all dressed up to go to Nutcracker but someone (not me) threw up in the car, so we came home, took these and now I’m in my jams."

In the first pic, Teigen and Legend pose by the stairway of their home, which is giving all the Winter Wonderland vibes. And in the second pic, Teigen's mom joins in on the fun.

In the comments, Teigen, who is currently pregnant with her third child, added, "It really wasn’t me! I'm so proud." Legend simply replied, "We cute tho." (#Facts.)

The decor features a trio of decorated trees, including a towering pampas grass Christmas tree. It also includes color coordinated presents, fake snow, red candles and frosted leafy garland. But aside from showcasing their festive home, Teigen and Legend also showed their holiday spirit by sporting matching outfits with their kids at the Cravings Christmas event in Los Angeles.

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The model and mom of two offered a behind-the-scenes look at the family's photoshoot with Santa and, well, color us impressed. Teigen donned a sparkly green top with fringe hems and matching pants, while her husband wore a bright red suit with a black tie. Meanwhile, their son Miles (4) looked sharp in patterned blazer and bowtie, while Luna (6) sported a gorgeous patterned red dress.

Yep, this family's Christmas outfits may be the best yet.

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