Umm, Chris Pratt Performed ‘Everything Is Awesome’ as Andy Dwyer (and It Really Is Awesome)

There’s nothing we love more than some killer collabs or our favorite artists performing covers of our favorite songs. But this clip of Chris Pratt singing “Everything Is Awesome” (from the Lego Movie) as Andy Dwyer (from Parks and Rec) is something we seriously didn’t know we needed. 

Long gone are the days when Mouse Rat (arguably one of the greatest/worst bands of all time) rocked the town of Pawnee and graced our ears with songs like “The Pit.” But Chris Pratt kept our dreams alive when he appeared on the The Graham Norton Show last week to promote The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. 

Accompanied by his co-star Elizabeth Banks, the 39-year-old actor revealed that he has been known to cover the popular animated movie’s theme song as the one and only Andy Dwyer. 

“He was the frontman of a terrible band called Mouse Rat, and they basically just did really terrible frat-boy rock music,” said Pratt. “So I can add that twist to ‘Everything Is Awesome.’”

Enter: a guitar. And Andy Dwyer was on his way. If you haven’t heard the song, it’s pretty catchy. Soo catchy in fact that it was nominated for an Oscar. Yeah, we’re serious. 

We could totally see him playing this at his next kids’ party (accompanied by April Ludgate, of course).