Chris Pratt Asked Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Permission to Marry Katherine (Spoiler Alert: He Was Super Nervous)

chris pratt

When it comes to asking someone for their hand in marriage, what better than the old-fashioned way? That is, asking her father for the thumbs-up first.

And that’s just what Chris Pratt did. The Jurassic World actor asked Katherine Schwarzenegger’s father for his blessing before he popped the big question. And yeah, we’re talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Talk about pressure. Pratt was asking the Terminator for permission to marry his daughter (literally). So when the 39-year-old actor says he was nervous sitting down with Mr. Schwarzenegger, we can totally see why.

“I think any person who appreciates the tradition and asks a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, it’s inevitably something that’s going to make you a little nervous,” he said in an interview with Extra. “But that’s sort of the beauty of it.”

He wasn’t the only one to open up about the engagement, however. In another Extra interview, the bodybuilder sang the praises of his daughter’s new fiance. “He did it the traditional way,” Schwarzenegger said. “He’s a wonderful guy. They both look really great together, they’re both happy together, so I wish them both the best of luck.”

Pratt announced his engagement to the 29-year-old author last month, via an Instagram post (of course). And did we mention that ring?

We’ll be back (*said in Terminator voice*) with more updates on this big, happy fam. (Sorry, we had to.)

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