Chip Gaines Pens Emotional Post and Issues Major Challenge to Fans (and Non-Fans)

Chip Gaines believes a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

The 44-year-old Fixer Upper star penned a touching blog post on the Magnolia website encouraging us all to be more liberal with our kindness and offered up an easy and free way to do so.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, about where it starts and what keeps it moving from one person to the next,” he began. 

Gaines went on to explain his philosophy on the importance of thoughtfulness, saying, “I believe that we are all made in likeness, and because of that, our hearts are naturally drawn toward one another. But the thing about kindness is, it’s a choice. It’s something that we should give freely with the hopeful expectation that it might one day be given freely to us.”

He clarified that steps toward positivity don’t have to be grand, elaborate gestures. “I’m talking more in the day-to-day, in kindness that abounds in equal measure for a loved one as it does a stranger on the street,” he wrote. “The way I see it, how we choose to interact with our neighbors, our coworkers, the people online, the check-out clerk at the grocery store, and even the person who mindlessly cuts us off in traffic has a profound effect on how others will choose to interact with us.” 

Gaines pointed out that kindness is contagious. As such, he and the Magnolia team designed a collection of flyers that they hope will get the ball rolling and prompt people to do acts of good. Each flyer lists a little way that you can promote generosity in your community. Because Gaines believes in paying it forward, the Magnolia team has made these flyers available online for free so anyone can hang them up around their school, place of work or neighborhood. Gaines urged people to download them here and share photos of the flyers using the social media hashtag #makeKINDNESSloud.

He wrote, “I believe in the resilience of humankind and I can’t help but wonder what goodness we might be able to offer this world if we joined our voices together. I’m challenging our people at Magnolia to make kindness loud. I’d like to challenge y’all to do the same. If you’re willing to join us in spreading kindness, use #makeKINDNESSloud on social media.”

Off to the printer we go.


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